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Landlords: The Eviction Trial (Step 6 of 7)

Landlords: The Eviction Trial (Step 6 of 7)

Eviction for Landlords: Step 6

Step 1 - Give Notice Step 2 - Fill Out Forms Step 3 - File In Court Step 4 - Serve Tenant Step 5 - Tenant Responds Step 6 - Trial Step 7 - After Judgment

Once the tenant files an answer, and if you want to keep moving forward, you can ask for a trial date by filing a Request to Set Case for Trial – Unlawful Detainer (Form UD-150). On this form, you can tell the court the kind of trial you want, how long you think it will last, and what issues the judge will need to decide. You will also have to choose if you want to ask for a jury trial (read the section below on jury trials).

Keep reading to find out more about eviction trials.

Remember: At any point during the process of getting ready for trial, or even the same day of trial, you and the tenant may be able to work out an agreement and settle the case. If that happens, you will not need the trial. Read the section on Mediation & Settlement to find out more.

Before the Trial
Deciding on a Jury Trial
How to Prepare for Trial
During the Trial
The Decision at the Trial

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