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Eviction Facts:

Average cost for an eviction service: $700-$2,000

Average time for an eviction: 21 to 90 days

Most common eviction defense: Habitability

Most successful eviction defense: Defective 3 Day Notice/Service

Hidden Costs of Delayed Eviction:

The True Cost of Eviction is More Than $5,000

Lost Rent: $3,000
Unpaid rent before, during, and after the eviction proceedings (3 months)

Lawyer: $500
Legal fees to an attorney, if you hire one.

Court Costs: $240
Court filing and administrative fees (varies by county).

Sheriff: $150
Fees to hire the Sheriff to execute the Writ of Possession.

Locksmith: $150
To change the locks on the day of the eviction.

Repairs: $1,000
Malicious damage and junk removal – although less since you didn’t lock them out.

Cleaning fees: $500
Do you really think they are going to clean if you evict them?

Average Cost of Eviction Mistake

The True Cost of Eviction is More Than $5,000

Locksmith: $150
Because you decided to change the locks while your tenant was at work.

Broken Window: $150
Caused by tenant regaining access when you weren’t looking.

Lawyer: $700
To help you get out of hot water when the tenant takes you to court over a “self-help” eviction.

Court Costs: $1,000
Because the Judge ordered to you pay the tenant’s court costs and legal fees.

Lost Rent: $3,000
3 months of lost rent while you try to evict him the legal way.

Court Costs (again): $200
To go back and do it again. This time you win the judgement.

Locksmith (again): $150
The locksmith chuckles as he changes your locks again.

Repairs: $2,000
Malicious damage and junk removal.

Cleaning fees: $500
Do you really think they are going to clean if you evict them?

Cost of Self-Help Eviction: $7,850