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Phase 1 $699 Step 1 Give Notice to Tenant 3/60/90 Day Notice Step 2 Draft Complaint Summons, Complaint, Coversheet, Prejudgment Claim of Right of Possession Step 3 File Complaint Deliver Complaint to Court, Obtain Summons, Pay Court Fee. (Court Fee Not Included) Step 4 Serve Tenant Process Server will serve complaint. If the tenant is unable to be served, we will file a motion for permission to post and mail the complaint Phase 2 $350 Step 5 Tenant Responds Request to Set Trial Drafted & Filed. Tenant Served. (Attorney Available Upon Request. Attorney Fee Not Included) Step 6 Trial Draft Judgment by Court. File Judgment for Judge Signature. Phase 3 $270 Step 7 Sheriff Draft Default Judgment by Clerk. Draft Writ of Execution and File with Court. Draft Instructions. (Court Cost & Sheriff Fee Not Included.) *Prices do not include Court Costs & Sheriff Fees if applicable **Does not include attorney fees for court appearances.