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Complete Evictions For Only $699!

Complete Eviction Services:

Do You Want to Schedule An Eviction and Let Us Do The Rest? 
The Complete Eviction Service is The Perfect Fit!

With The Complete Eviction Service, You Get The Following:

  1. Draft And Serve Statutory Notice (3 Day To Pay Or Quit, Notice To Quit, Etc.);
  2. Draft Summons, Complaint, Case Cover Sheet;
  3. E-File Summons, Complaint, Case Cover Sheet ;
  4. Serve Defendants With Summons, Complaint, Case Cover Sheet, And Prejudment Claim Of Right Of Possession;
  5. Draft And E-File Request For Clerks Entry Of Default And Default Judgment; Default Judgment By Clerk; Writ Of Execution ;
  6. Draft Sheriff’s Instructions

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